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The Esports Arena is centrally located in Moran Commons and offers a mix of gaming computers, consoles, a virtual reality system, and broadcast capabilities.

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Tournaments & Gaming

The UNCG Esports Arena opened on April 25, 2022. The 3,300 square foot arena is intentionally designed to engage students both socially and academically. The arena provides UNCG students with a cutting edge learning environment in the field of gaming. From event planning to broadcast production, students have a space to express their creativity while also creating community with fellow gamers on campus.









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Live Well. Game Well.

A healthy gamer is an effective gamer. The well-being of our student gamers is a top priority. Take your game to the next level and advance your skills on each of these platforms.

Sleep Hygiene

  • Prepare for optimal sleep. Room temperature, lighting, and how much time you allow for sleeping directly affect your motor function and learning capacity.
  • Good snoozing keeps you from losing.

Nutrition / Hydration

  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet – be intentional about what goes into your body.
  • Make time to hydrate.
  • Healthier choices give you more energy to be a better gamer.


  • Follow these 3S’s – sip water, stand, and stretch every hour.
  • Utilize the VR machine to move your body.
  • Take game breaks to walk the campus or work out.

Mental Health

  • Take a day off from gaming.
  • Focus on positive messages to combat negative sentiments.
  • Utilize campus resources such as Counseling Services and Recreation & Wellness for an outlet.

UNCG’s Esports Club

Whether tabletop gaming sessions or online, the Gaming and Esports Club is a great way to meet new people on campus, practice your skills, and try new games. Open to everyone — all skill levels are welcome!

If you enjoy esports, whether you’re a casual player or a serious competitor, check out UNCG’s Gaming & Esports Club. Competing in the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC), the team has won 7 titles, boasts 9 teams, has 75 players total, and nearly 200 active club members playing:

  • Apex Legends

  • League of Legends

  • Overwatch

  • Rainbow 6

  • Rocket League

  • Splatoon 2

  • Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

  • Valorant

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