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Launch a Career in Esports

UNC Greensboro’s new noncredit digital certificate program in Esports develops career skills in the fast-growing industry of competitive video gaming.

The total number of paid esports jobs grew 110% from 2019–2020.

The global revenue of esports is more than $1 billion.

Esports viewership is second only to the NFL.

Get in the Game

The Esports Digital Certificate Program offers you a flexible way to develop the skills you need. Learn about tournament design, coaching and training, sponsorship and fan engagement, and more in challenging courses designed by experts in the field.

All courses are fully online and 45 days long.
(You have up to 45 days to finish a course once you start it, so you can complete courses at your own pace.)

You’ll receive a digital badge for each course you complete. Earn the certificate by completing all four courses.
Although this is a rigorous program, it’s not for academic credit, so there’s no formal admission process.
The cost for each course is $250, payable online.

Level Up Your Skills

The Esports Digital Certificate is a noncredit online program designed to complement your undergraduate education with in-demand skills specific to the esports industry. Although these are noncredit courses, they’re academically rigorous. Plan on spending up to 7 hours per week on each course. You’ll earn a digital badge for each 45-day course you complete. Complete four courses to earn the digital certificate.

Esports Ecosystems: Past, Present, and Beyond Gaming

45 Days / $250

Learn about the history of Esports, the evolution of the field, and new avenues for alternative revenue streams.

  • Summarize the history of the Esports field
  • Identify current trends in Esports
  • Explain the inequities surrounding gender and diversity in the Esports field
  • Assess new Esports revenue streams for viability

Athletic Content and Viewer Engagement

45 Days / $250

Examine the idea that esports is not just about the competitive athlete, but more about the fans and how to create community and engagement among them.

  • Identify ways to be inclusive and empower viewers
  • Build an inclusive engagement plan to ensure fan diversity and equity
  • Evaluate various models for amplifying audience engagement based on data analysis
  • Execute live stream functions and tasks

Hype, Engagement, and Sponsorship

45 Days / $250

Learn about fan engagement and how to leverage sponsors and use data to determine appropriate strategies to employ.

  • Use data to identify the target audience
  • Construct a compelling storyline for the target audience
  • Build an inclusive engagement plan to ensure diverse market reach
  • Discover distribution channels and how to leverage them to create fan awareness

Esports Influencers and the Path to Monetization

45 Days / $250

Learn how to motivate athletes to improve their performance, offering training techniques and the latest technological advancements. Negotiate player contracts and articulate expectations for all stakeholders.

  • Engage in a player contract negotiation as both a player and tournament lead
  • Define branding rights and expectations of each stakeholder
  • Discover training techniques to enhance performance improvement including health and wellness and mental stamina

Tournaments: Design to Execution

45 Days / $250

Learn about the various games as well as the associated communities, designs, and organizations. Examine budgeting, pricing, and fee structures associated with successful tournament execution.

  • Examine tournament designs and organization models through case studies and ensure diversity and inclusivity
  • Compare pricing, structures, and licensing agreements
  • Articulate the various components of a tournament infrastructure

Esports: The Revenue Strategy

45 Days / $250

Engage in the development of a sponsorship package and the value proposition for Esports.

  • Identify and leverage partnerships to create experiences for your target audience
  • Discover the nuances of sell versus subtle influencing through the language of your target audience
  • Identify specific opportunities that highlight gender diversity and equity in the Esports industry
  • Examine and weigh pricing structures for sponsorship optimization

Compelling Career Choices

You don’t have to be a gamer to work in esports. The industry offers exciting career paths in a variety of areas, so whether you’re in sales, marketing, communications, finance, or a leadership role, the Esports Digital Certificate can help you leverage your skills and experience to succeed in this growing field.




Social media

Community relations


Community partnerships

Data analysis

Player representation (agents)

Project management

Team Leadership


Fitness training

Player recruitment

Collegiate esports

Event Administration

Event planning

Tournament operations

Fan engagement

Which states have the most esports job openings? California and New York lead the U.S., while Georgia and North Carolina lead the Southeast region.


Program Details

Here are some important things to know about the Esports Digital Certificate program:

  • General:
    • This is a noncredit program. The courses are rigorous, but you will not receive college credit for completing them.
    • You will receive a digital badge for each course you complete. Earn the certificate by completing four courses.
    • There are no set class times for courses. You can log in whenever it works best for you.
  • Enrollment:
    • There is no formal admission process for this program. You have the flexibility to enroll in a course whenever you like. To register for a course, click the Start Course button under the course description (coming soon).
    • Once you enroll in a course, you’ll have access to it for 45 days.
  • Cost:
    • Since this is a noncredit program, there is no financial aid available.
    • The cost of these courses is not covered by the tuition and fees paid by current UNCG students.
  • Questions?:
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